What do you do when you’re not sure how to pronounce English words?

You know that speaking English clearly and efficiently is extremely important to communicate effectively with your community. You may look up a word in an online dictionary or even ask an English-speaking friend how to pronounce English words. Ultimately, these online dictionaries are not always learner-friendly and your English-speaking friend may be busy. You will be delighted to know that there is a perfect solution to your problem now available!

What’s the Solution?

This well-structured, efficient online tool will enable you to pronounce any and every word better than a native English speaker! This productive tool is called ZiziFox. ZiziFox empowers you with the American pronunciation of English words by utilizing YouTube videos of native speakers providing you with meaningful content that will benefit you greatly. ZiziFox offers students a fantastic way to improve their pronunciation on a free and easy platform. Unlike online dictionaries that only provide limited audio examples of a word, ZiziFox is significantly more effective; it uses authentic video clips of real-life people using the necessary words you need in context. This allows you, the student, to see and hear the word spoken numerous times in a variety of ways.


ZiziFox is similar to YouTube in that you can search for videos, but with a focus on specific words or phrases. First, go to ZiziFox.com

Enter the word or phrase in the search box, select the language, then click on the search button.

how to pronounce English words
how to pronounce English words

ZiziFox will display a YouTube video that uses the word or phrase you have specified.

Subtitles appear under the video. You can click on another video with the same word or phrase focus but in a different context.

how to pronounce English words
how to pronounce English words

ZiziFox also gives you the option to increase or decrease the speed of the video.

At the end of each video, you will find the definition of the word or phrase you searched along with examples.

how to pronounce English words
how to pronounce English words

What are the Pros of ZiziFox?

The pros of ZiziFox, in comparison with online dictionaries, is that ZiziFox demonstrates how words and phrases are pronounced and spoken by native English speakers in a specific context instead of simply giving you what is prescriptively correct. Additionally, you will notice, with ZiziFox, you can practice intonation, word and sentence stress, word linking, reductions as well as listening skills. When you begin to take advantage of what ZiziFox has to offer, on a daily basis, you will discover that your pronunciation and fluency are improving in leaps and bounds!

If you haven’t seen the site before, come check it out! If you are already benefiting from ZiziFox, please, share what you’ve discovered in the comments below.

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