About Us

Chatterfox is a revolutionary learning tool with a mission of empowering non-native English speakers to speak clearly and confidently in English. Research shows that if you really want to speak English fluently, simply practicing English or living in and English-speaking country is not enough. Real fluency requires:

  1. Learning exactly how to make the most important sounds of English
  2. Speaking in the natural rhythm of the language
  3. Getting corrective feedback so you can be sure you are training your muscles correctly

Chatterfox’s course has been designed to incorporate all the elements of this research in a way that is convenient and efficient. Our course includes:

  • Engaging video lessons that will explain how to make each sound and how to speak in the natural rhythm of English.
  • Practice activities that use artificial intelligence to provide you with immediate feedback on your pronunciation
  • Fluency activities that will help you sound more natural by teaching you how to say common American expressions
  • Feedback on your pronunciation by a real human coach that will listen to your pronunciation and tell you exactly what you are saying well and what you need to work on.

The combination of all these elements make Chatterfox’s course unique and revolutionary as well as efficient and effective. After completing the course, we guarantee that you will know how to speak even better than a native because you will be able to explain how each sound is formed and identify the natural rhythms of the English language. Sign up for our email list to start speaking better than a native today!