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What’s Included in your Accent Reduction Class?

Bite-Sized Accent Reduction Video Lessons

Discover efficient Accent Reduction Class with our bite-sized video lessons, easing your journey to mastering American English pronunciation. 

Feedback by Certified American Accent Coach

Get personalized feedback from the world’s top certified accent coaches who tell you what you’re pronouncing well and how to improve. 

Real-Time Speech Recognition Feedback

You will get immediate, detailed feedback powered by Artificial Intelligence on pronunciation and accent.

Ongoing Assessment and Personalized Plan

Begin with an initial three-minute assessment for our Accent Reduction Class. We’ll tailor a learning path for you, constantly updated for quick, effective results.

Interactive Practice

Thousands of engaging Accent Reduction Lessons and practices, including stimulating games, help you improve your American accent and pronunciation.

Cultural Note

Sound more natural and confident by mastering American English expressions and cultures.

The Future of Accent Reduction Classes

ChatterFox combines accent coaches with online lessons powered by AI, delivering a effective American Accent Training program that is also cost-efficient.

The Future of Accent Reduction Classes

ChatterFox combines certified accent coaches with interactive online lessons powered by AI, delivering a highly effective and convenient Accent Reduction Training program that is also cost-efficient.

Why Choose ChatterFox’s Accent Reduction Class?

Accent coach providing online Accent Reduction Training, smiling with headphones and microphone.

The Most Affordable Accent Coaching

ChatterFox is the most affordable accent reduction training class providing personalized feedback from certified accent coaches.

Group of non-native English speakers taking part in an accent reduction training course to improve their fluency and confidence.

Human & Tech Integration

ChatterFox uniquely combines expert human coaching with advanced technology for rapid progress in accent reduction course.


Proven Results, Highly Rated

Trust our proven results. ChatterFox boasts high ratings on the App Store, Google Play, Facebook, and Trustpilot.


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I enrolled in ChatterFox’s accent reduction online class 3 months back, with Melody as my coach. Her guidance has been exceptional. The program is top-notch, and I strongly suggest trying out their mobile app. Definitely a 5-star experience!







FAQ: ChatterFox’s American Accent Training Course

Is this accent reduction training a good match for me?


ChatterFox’s Accent Reduction Training is a great program for anyone who is serious about communicating more effectively in English. It is designed for non-native English speakers who want to improve their spoken English in order to communicate with native English speakers and international businesses.


Isn’t it a bit expensive?

Honestly, NO! For what you’re getting, the accent reduction training program is a great deal. ChatterFox includes a human accent coach based in the USA who gives you feedback, corrects your mispronunciation or hard-to-understand accent, and even helps you to fix some of your vocabulary and grammar issues. The only alternative might be a private accent tutor, which would cost you thousands of dollars and not even get you results as fast as ChatterFox. The money you will spend to improve your spoken English is not comparable with things you are getting from ChatterFox. When you speak fluent English, you can get a better job, higher income in international companies, and work with American businesses as a freelancer from your home while earning thousands of dollars.


Can I really try it for FREE?


Yes! You need a payment method to subscribe to the free trial, but if you don’t love it, you can easily cancel from your own account with a click of a button or send us and email to cancel your subscription. You will not be charged if you cancel during your free trial!


Why are human accent coaching and feedback necessary in a fluency program?


Research shows that you can’t correct many of your mistakes if there is no one to tell you what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it. This is true even if you are using the best lessons and apps on your own. That’s why many people don’t speak clearly even after years of living in an English-speaking country. You also need someone to motivate you and give you a study plan.
Having world-class coaches combined with bite-sized lessons and a high-tech app is the fastest way to speak English like a native. Accent Reduction Training with our coaches bridges this gap, ensuring your spoken English is clear and professional.


What’s your coaching (APM) method in American accent class?


Thanks to our new technology called Advanced Progress Monitoring (APM), you will learn faster and more efficiently than traditional tutoring. Using this method you will constantly record your voice in the app while you learn and do practice activities. Then, your accent coach will receive all of your recordings and she or he will listen to all of them to monitor your progress. Then, she/he will send you personalized feedback on how to correct your mistakes. Also, you will get a study plan that tells you what to study next based on your highest priority sounds.


What can I expect during the training sessions?


You will have access to a lot of modules and your coaches will tell you where to start and what modules to study at every stage of the program.
In each module, you will have access to bite-sized video lessons and interactive practice activities. They will teach you exactly how to use your mouth and body to make the target sound and use it in different sentences to sound exactly like a native speaker. You will also learn the best words, phrases, and idioms to use in a variety of different situations. Most importantly, the app asks you to record yourself constantly and send the recordings to your coach so you can get constant feedback. (See more information in the question about the APM method).
No! We will ask for your native language so that your coach can tailor their feedback to best support you by focusing on common errors by native speakers of your language.


How long before there is improvement in my fluency, and how much time should I spend?


It depends on your speaking level and the amount of time you spend practicing. But, most of our learners who spend 10-15 minutes a day will notice the difference in their speaking within two weeks and sound very fluent after just a few months.


Does it matter what my native language is?


No! We will ask your Native language, and your coach will give you feedback that is tailored to your needs by focusing on the common mistakes of the native speakers of your language.
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