7 Creative Ways To Say Goodbye In American English

In this article, you’re going to learn how to say “goodbye” in different expressions with their correct American English pronunciation. So, let’s start:

Americans love variety in their daily language, and as a result, they use lots of expressions and idioms to enrich their language. Variety is sure a good thing, but it can be a challenge if you’re not a native American English speaker.

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There are lots of ways to say certain things in American English, like “hello”, or “thank you”. The same goes for the word “goodbye”. Saying “goodbye” may sound awkward to Americans in different situations; that’s why they use different expressions to sound more natural.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to say “goodbye” in different expressions with their correct American English pronunciation. So, let’s start:

I should get going

Sometimes, there are more polite ways to mean the same thing; for instance, saying “I should get going” instead of “I need to leave” is definitely more appreciated when you’re about to leave a place because the latter is more direct and may sound rude.

When you pronounce this expression, make sure you use the stop t at the end of the word “get” for a better understanding.

I’m gonna head out

This one is similar to “I should get going” in the way that it’s not too direct or rude. You can keep this expression in mind when you’re going to leave a place to sound more polite and natural.

I think it’s time for me to call it a night

This expression is the perfect way to say goodbye because it’s neither too direct nor complicated, you can convey your message politely and smoothly.

The phrase “call it a night” is pronounced like “ca-li-duh-night” for this expression. So, time to practice!

It’s getting past my bedtime

When you’re looking at the clock and see it’s really getting late, say “It’s getting past my bedtime” to indicate you need to leave. It’s nice and also cute, so use this expression instead of saying “I’m really tired and I wanna go to sleep”.

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Take care

It’s a very common way of saying “goodbye” in American English. You can use it to sound more friendly and natural.

See you soon

Could you catch the reduction in this one? The phrase “see you” is reduced to see ya to pronounce more easily. So, practice this expression with the correct pronunciation.


Maybe you’ve realized it, but there’s also a reduction in this word because you don’t actually say goodnight; instead, you blend them together and say it like one word. Sometimes, people even say g’night in spoken English to talk faster.


Learning American English requires good vocabulary, but you’ll also need to learn correct pronunciation to sound like a native. All of these expressions will be helpful while you speak, but you also need to pronounce them correctly.

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