How To Use INTONATION to Make Clear Statements in American English

Do you ever feel strongly about something and want to express it? Do you think, “How can I do this?” Sometimes, it can be difficult to do especially when expressing yourself in another language. In this article, you are going to learn how to Make Statements in American English, using INTONATION.

INTONATION is one of the keys to FLUENCY. When learning the English language, it is not only important to learn what to say in certain situations, but how to say it. That’s why in this article, we will focus on INTONATION as we try to express ourselves, making sure that what we say is heard and understood.

INTONATION is the rise and fall of your voice as you speak. As your voice goes up and down, you can communicate many things. For example, when you are wanting to make a bold statement. A bold statement is a statement that is strong. With this type of statement, you are not asking for feedback from someone or for them to question you or engage in conversation with you.

Let’s look at an example of INTONATION using strong statements. Teaching teenagers requires making bold statements frequently. For example, when saying, “If you don’t do any work in my class, you’re going to fail.” Now try saying this a few times. Did you notice how the INTONATION went down at the end of the statement? This is FALLING INTONATION, strong, but not asking for a continued conversation about the statement. You are just trying to make a strong statement so that someone knows the information.

Now try using this same statement, but this time with RISING INTONATION. Can you hear the difference as your voice rises? Think about how you would feel if your teacher used RISING INTONATION when saying this to you. Do you think this statement would be believable to a teen with a RISE in INTONATION? The answer is, no they wouldn’t!

It is so important to use FALLING INTONATION when you want to make a bold, strong statement. Let’s keep practicing. We are going to look at and practice using statements by Anthony Bourdain because he made a lot of bold statements.

Statement #1: “Being a vegan is a first-world phenomenon, completely self-indulgent.”

Statement #2: “Barbeque is not the road to world peace, but it is a start.”

Now practice using FALLING INTONATION with these bold statements. Did you hear your voice fall as you made the strong statement? If so, great job! You now know how to make a bold statement using FALLING INTONATION in English.


So now here’s a question for you. Do you agree with Bourdain’s statement about barbeque? Do you think barbeque is the road to world peace? Tell us what you think using the link provided. Also, be sure to check out our fluency program. Subscribe today and start speaking better than a native!


Speaking English fluently can be challenging, but with practice and determination, it is possible. By improving your speaking and pronunciation skills, you will be on the right path to sounding more like a native.

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