How Useful is English Fluency for Employment, Income, and Discrimination at Work?

Even though it originates from different nations and cultures, the language that connects us all globally is English. In fact, English is the first language in 67 countries, which is almost one-third of the total countries in the world. This makes learning English the need of the hour. Whether it is for education or occupation, you need English fluency to get an edge over others. However, besides learning English, which is essential, you also need to be fluent when speaking. It’s imperative in a professional setting, especially when it comes to a job. Whether you consider it or not, language fluency does have a role to play in getting hired, targeting a better position, or reaping more benefits in a prestigious organization. This article will explore the effect of English fluency on employment, income, and professional life, in general.

Power of Fluency

In simpler words, fluency is the efficiency and flow with which you can express your thoughts and opinions in a conversation. The British Council’s web page states that being fluent in any language means you can articulate clearly, quickly, and without pauses. Now, think about English fluency. Your ability to explain scenarios and address problems can make a good impression on your internal and external customers, playing a major role in securing and pursuing a job. Whether you are giving an oral presentation or dealing with clients, a smooth exchange helps to leave a strong impression. Not only that, but it also helps in improving your social skills as it brings clarity to your speech.

How to Improve Your Fluency

Below are some of the ways you can improve and become great at English fluency.

Mispronunciation is the Biggest Woe

We all have been there where we mispronounced a word in a public setting and later felt ashamed about it. Many English alphabets sound different depending on their placement. For example, if we look at the alphabet “U,” it is pronounced differently in university and an umbrella. Mispronunciation hinders your fluency, which makes it challenging for the listeners to understand the message. Therefore, we must practice fluency to improve our pronunciation and save ourselves from being embarrassed in public.

Talk to Yourself

Speaking fluent English requires practice, and who else can you talk to in front of without the fear of being judged more than yourself? Talking to yourself may sound strange at first, but this is the best method for improving your fluency. You can begin talking to yourself alone, and with time, you will get comfortable speaking in front of others as well.

Getting a Language Coach

Having an Accent coach can save you time and effort. Sometimes you pronounce certain words, thinking you are saying them correctly, although you are not. Hence, it would be best if you had someone who can correct you whenever you make a mistake. Receiving feedback makes you learn faster. While on your own, it could take months even to notice them. Despite being a recent phenomenon, online coaching has been gaining popularity.

Effect of English Fluency In Your Career

Being fluent in English has a tremendous effect on your employment. You can find some of the most crucial ones listed below.

Discrimination Due to Language

Imagine you just joined a new organization, and everyone looked friendly. However, you noticed that they treat you differently after they heard you speak in broken English. Well, this is exactly what language discrimination is, unjust treatment of a person because of their speech. Even though many countries prohibit such discrimination, yet it still happens. For example, even if you get hired, there are chances your employer won’t give you important clients as you can’t talk fluently in English. Hence, your chances of getting a promotion can be less than that of a fluent speaker. Your colleagues can intentionally or unintentionally outcast you. They can’t understand what you are saying only because of your low English fluency.


Even if you have a fantastic portfolio and exceptional grades, you can still get rejected if someone speaks English more fluently than you. Communication is essential in the workplace. Whether you are dealing with a client or customers, getting your point across is most important. Besides customers, you also need to get your message across to your colleagues. As many companies use ‘More success comes from better teamwork’ as their mantra, employees are expected to have social and communication skills. However, how can you enhance your interpersonal skills if you don’t have fluency in the language spoken in your workplace? This is why many companies consider the person employable who can speak English fluently.

Monthly Income Can Escalate

While many of us usually work because we love it, everyone wants fair compensation at the end of the day. Imagine you worked twice as hard as your colleagues, yet you earned less than them.
Later you get to know the reason behind your low salary was your lower English fluency level. How does it feel? This is how the corporate industry works, as they need immaculate communication skills to deal with clients. For example, employees in India who can speak English earn 34% more than those who cannot speak English. Similarly, in Brazil, those with English fluency make 51% more money than the rest. The same is the case almost everywhere. This shows how you can increase your income by just improving your English fluency.

Promotions, Promotions, and Promotions

Who wouldn’t like to get not only a job but also a promotion quickly in their employment journey? This could be your story if you learn how to speak English fluently. Organizations need people with excellent communication in higher positions. Thus, they will keep offering you opportunities that will lead to promotions. Fluency in English improves your communication skills and helps you become an essential part of the company.

Final Words

There is no doubt in admitting that English is a global language. Thus it is almost essential for us to improve our English fluency. It remarkably affects our life, especially in the workplace. Fluency can make and break your career. Therefore, to get better opportunities in employment, improving your English fluency is of utmost importance.

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