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Are you looking for a casual relationship or a serious one? Find which one is for you!


Are you looking for a specific kind of relationship but don’t know how to find someone? Or are you in a relationship but you can’t figure out your relationship status? If so, you’ve come to the right place.


Love is a broad term and hard to describe. There are different kinds of love, and now that we live in a post-modern society, there are also different types of romantic relationships.

Finding the right relationship that you need and moving your relationship to another level are some of the challenges of dating. If you are looking for a specific relationship but don’t know what it’s called in English, ChatterFox, is here to help you!

relationship - dating tips for non native English speaker

dating tips for non-native English speaker

Asking someone out for a date can be a challenge in itself, especially when you want a specific type of relationship. Communication plays a significant role in having any kind of relationship. With an excellent American accent and fluency in English, your chances of finding your ideal relationship can be much higher than you expect.

These days, as there are all kinds of relationships, it can be hard to define your relationship in any language; especially in your second language. At ChatterFox, we want to make sure you get the relationship you want.

You will learn how to express yourself to get the kind of relationship you’re looking for by showing the important phrases and their correct American English pronunciation. With the right choice of words and better English pronunciation, you will attract your partners by speaking even better a native.

american accent training for non native english speaker

At ChatterFox, you will learn the most common relationship types and romantic relationship expressions in American English. Here are some of these relationship types:

Serious Relationship

This type of relationship is based on trust, respect, and commitment. Partners really love each other, and they are actively involved in each other’s lives. A serious relationship usually leads to marriage because partners establish a strong emotional bond. If this is the type of relationship you have, you can use the following expression:

I’m in a serious relationship.”

Now, say the phrase out loud with the correct word stress.

If you don’t have that kind of relationship but are looking for it, you can say:

“I’m looking for a serious relationship.” to express what you need in a romantic date.

dating tips for non native English speaker

dating tips for non native English speaker

Casual Relationship

In a casual relationship, people are not as emotionally dependent on each other as they are in a serious relationship. They may not see each other so often, and when they do, they may hang out just for fun. This relationship is called “casual,” which is pronounced with the sound (zh) in the middle of the word.

If this type of relationship is the one you are involved in or looking for, you can simply say:

“I’m looking for a casual relationship.”, or “  I’m in a casual relationship.”.

Again, be careful about the stressed sounds while speaking.

You can also use the expression “We’re just hanging out” to show that you’re not looking for a serious relationship but a casual one.


Sugar Daddy/Sugar Momma

This type of relationship is when there is a man who buys a lot of things for his girlfriend and a woman who loves the money and the gifts from his male partner. Also, there are relationships where the female partner is the one who gives her boyfriend gifts and money. This is the female equivalent of the Sugar Daddy and called “Sugar Momma.”

You can use the phrase, He’s her sugar daddy” or “She’s his sugar momma” when you want to either joke about it or talk about the relationship of someone else.

If this is the type of relationship you want, you can also say “I’m looking for a sugar daddy.” or “I’m looking for a sugar momma.”


Open Relationship

If you are in an open relationship, it means you and your partner are allowed to date other people at the same time. Usually, there are no strict rules in these relationships, and you can set up your own rules with your partners. If this is the relationship you need, you can say “I’m looking for an open relationship.”


Now that you know about your relationship options and how to say what you’re looking for, follow ChatterFox and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you can keep your relationships by using the correct English phrases and a perfect American accent.

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